PrEP availability at Burrell Street



Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) is taking a medicine (currently a tablet that contains drugs called Tenofovir Disoproxil and Emtricitabine) that reduces the risk of HIV infection.

Currently, PrEP is not available on the NHS.

You can access PrEP by:

Buying it online:

You can find out how at the HIV treatment information and advocacy website i-base

The PrEP Impact trial:

Recruitment for the PrEP trial will end on the 12th July 2020.

To review if you are eligible click on the link below

Can I take part?

The clinical team are using direct booking to support recruitment over these final days. 

Click here to book at time to come to Burrell Street

If you are taking PrEP, it is important that you get checked up regularly (every 3 months). If you are getting your PrEP elsewhere, we provide monitoring free of charge at all 3 of our clinics. Just tick “I want to discuss PrEP or have it monitored” when you check in. Please attend for a monitoring session two weeks before beginning PrEP, and every three months thereafter.


The National AIDS Manual on obtaining PrEP in the UK:

I-base has an online UK guide outlining all information regarding PrEP: