Slamming over the holidays poster

At Burrell Street we’re seeing more gay men who are injecting drugs during sex.
The risk of getting an STI or a blood-borne virus is very high.

If you must slam, do it safely.

Burrell Street is giving out free slamming packs – come and get one.
Look after yourself over the holidays and let us look after you throughout the year.

Our pack contains different colour syringes with needles, so you can tell which are yours at a party. We’ve included separate 1 ml syringes for measuring a dose of G, and a spoon to mix the drug with water.

Finally there’s a TempaDot thermometer just to make sure you’re not overheating. This all comes in a handy pack, which doubles as a sharps bin that you can bring back to us. We’ll dispose of the bin, and give you a fresh slamming pack. If you can’t get to us, then get down the local chemist or buy a load of syringes online.

Syringes for g dosing

Our clinics also provide G users with free 1ml syringes, to help dosing safely. Most of the problems for g users is measuring the dose incorrectly, by using unmarked pipettes or guessing the dose. These syringes are a simple and affective dosing tool.

For more information on g use, please click here.


If you feel it’s time to talk about your use of chemicals while having sex, our team of counsellors and psychotherapists are here to help you.

To get further information, email us on: